ASHI and Medic First Aid Training Center Survey Results

ASHI and Medic First Aid Training Center Survey Results

A few weeks ago, HSI sent out a survey to our independent training center directors to learn more about what we can do for you that would make marketing your classes and building your customer base easier and more successful.

We had close to 400 responses, and want to thank everyone who participated. All participants were entered into a random drawing for a LOOP Learning System — congratulations to Neal Shabashov of Life Support Services, Fremont, CA!

Today’s post shares a few highlights from the survey, so read on to learn what your fellow trainers are saying.

Marketing support
Only about 35% of our training centers are using our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid marketing materials, available through your Otis system. We have program specification sheets and other collateral including flyers with custom fields for ASHI and MEDIC First Aid individual courses. The form fields in the PDFs allow you to add your own contact information. You can access these materials by logging into the Otis dashboard and going to Administration > Documents > General Documents > Marketing Tools.

As long as you are in Otis, be sure to watch our webinar recordings on how to implement blended learning and learn how to use the LOOP CPR skills game in your classes. The webinars can be found at Administration > Otis Learning.

For those training centers using our marketing materials, the most popular HSI marketing tools include (in order of rank):

1. Program Flyers (80%)

2. Program Specification Sheets

3. Find a Class Listing

4. Otis Website Builder

We’ve also heard that many of you have limited resources for marketing, either because of limited budgets or lack of staff time to devote to marketing campaigns, and that you would like some turn-key marketing solutions that can be easily implemented at minimal cost. Some respondents requested tips on best practices and marketing training that will help bring your passion for saving lives into effective sales presentations to customers. We’re listening, so look for new marketing and training materials in the coming months.

Who are your students and customers?
Top Industries or customer bases for our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid training centers are: in rank order

1. Community Classes (by far the most popular at 40%)

2. Education

3. Construction

4. Oil & Gas

5. Healthcare – Other (includes dentist offices, family practices, etc. more so than hospitals)

6. EMS

As we create materials and services to support your business, we’re keeping these target audiences in mind so we can help you tailor your efforts to your customers’ specific needs.

How do they find you?
Our training centers use a number of ways to reach potential customers:

1. Asking clients/colleagues/family and friends for referrals

2. Having a website (Need help with your website? The tools you need are right in Otis and our tech support team is happy to help you get it going!)

3. Social media like LinkedIn or Facebook

4. Email messages to past customers

5. Printed flyers

6. Online advertising

7. Community Events/Expos

Are you also teaching safety training?
About 50% of our independent training centers are teaching OSHA safety training in addition to required workplace bloodborne pathogens, first aid, and CPR. If you are already teaching OSHA training to workplaces such as construction or manufacturing locations, HSI brand family member Summit Training Source offers a complete catalog of engaging programs you can use to enhance your training presentations. Summit’s DVD and streaming video libraries cover over 100 OSHA training topics and are geared toward industrial and construction worksites.

Suggestions still welcomed!
Even though the survey has closed, we still want to hear from you. Use the comment fields below or call us at 800.447.3177 and let us know your ideas and requests.

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