Employee Training: Fast, Good, or Cheap?

Employee Training: Fast, Good, or Cheap?

I once saw a sign hung in a dry cleaner that read: “We can do it fast. We can do it well. We can do it cheap. Pick any two, but you can never get all three.“

I’m often reminded of that sign. I see businesses that promise fast and good, high-quality work, but they aren’t cheap. I see businesses that promise fast and cheap work, but the quality is not high. And I see businesses that promise cheap, good, high-quality work, but you’ll wait a long time for it.

When it comes to employee training solutions, we get it. Budgets are tight. Management still wants effective training solutions for the employee issues you are experiencing. And they want those solutions in place yesterday. If too much is spent, HR will be to blame. If the training is ineffective, HR will be to blame. If it takes too long to put the solutions in place, HR will be to blame.

HSI: We Are What We Are

My company, HSI, uses proven science to create effective, video-based training solutions. We create training content that breaks the stereotypes of old, boring training videos. We use live presenters, engaging graphics, sound effects, music, bright colors, and a short course length, all in an effort to keep viewers in their seats, watching and (more importantly) learning.

Our learning management system, HSI LMS, includes social learning features, blended learning capabilities, access to course transcripts, multiple language accessibility, long-term learning checks, content mapped across dozens of learning competencies, and a content creation tool. HSI LMS and all of its features are provided with no charge when you purchase our content.

Each of our clients is provided with their own dedicated Learning Consultant, someone that can be considered an additional member of the client’s staff. They will support a smooth and quick implementation and assist with the organization of the available content to ensure that effective training is being assigned. Throughout the entire contract the learning consultant will provide training on the LMS, the authoring tool, run reports, and conduct monthly value calls to ensure you meet your goals. This high-touch client support is provided with no additional charges applied. (If you are comparing employee training pricing, pay special attention to this line item! Many companies charge significant amounts for implementation and support.)

We own two state-of-the-art green screen studios where we create our award-winning off-the-shelf training content. We have our own teams of presenters, writers, researchers, editors, and graphic designers on staff that can produce our quality content within weeks or even days, with very little notice.

Even with our proof of high-quality, cost savings, and speedy production, we still receive requests for cheaper products and faster turnaround time. Occasionally, it has been requested that HSI forego our use of live presenters, graphics, sound effects and other features so that we can create our content faster. We have been asked to provide our LMS without the content creation tool, or without the blended learning feature, or without the Learning Consultant assistance, so that we could reduce the cost of our off-the-shelf content.

I am proud to say that each time these requests have been made, HSI has politely turned them down. “We are what we are!” We have then explained that removing any of these features and the benefits that each brings will reduce the effectiveness of our training solutions. We provide effective training, and we will always look for more ways to make it even more effective. If we can find a way to reduce our costs and reduce the time it takes to produce our videos, we will do so, but we will not do it at the cost of reducing our quality.

After all, the most expensive and time-consuming training is the training that doesn’t solve the problem or change behaviors.

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