Halloween Safety Tips — Be Careful Out There Tonight!

Halloween Safety Tips — Be Careful Out There Tonight!

With so many children out after dark and lots of costume parties for the adults, it’s going to be a busy, and potentially dangerous, night on the roads. A press release from the Oregon State Police shares that:

“According to NHTSA [National Highway Traffic Safety Administration], almost half of all crash fatalities in 2012 on Halloween night involved a drunk driver…..Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween as any other day of the year. With Halloween falling on a Friday night there is extra concern.”

Here’s some great advice from the OSP, NHTSA, and the Oregon Department of Transportation about how to keep Halloween night safe and fun for everyone:


Drive sober or get pulled over

Watch out for your family, friends, and neighbors

Pedestrians & bicyclists

Keep kids safe

Important reminders for pedestrians

Please be careful tonight…and every night.

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