HSI Conference Agenda — Download It Today!

HSI Conference Agenda — Download It Today!

The 2015 HSI International Conference is coming up quick! We’ll be in Nashville from April 29- May 1 for keynote presentations and breakout sessions all about our industry and how you can better succeed in making saving and protecting lives easy.

All work and no play? Of course not; you know us better than that. We’re going to kick off the conference with a private concert by Little Texas at Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge. Get a true taste of Nashville with a honky tonk night with your colleagues and HSI team.

Sticking around Nashville a few days before or after the conference? Be sure to explore the Visit Music City website to learn more about what this vibrant southern city has to offer.

The heart of any conference is the session agenda, and we’ve got ours available as a downloadable PDF for you. Review the agenda before you head out to Nashville so you don’t miss any sessions. Based on your feedback from the San Antonio conference, this year we’re offering repeat performances of our most popular sessions.

Download the 2015 Conference Agenda

A few things today to highlight in our latest agenda: the HSI marketing department has a fun round-table session planned that will give you some new tools to try the next time you’re stuck for an idea for a promotional campaign.

Round-Table: Marketing That Doesn’t Suck

Using the Lotus Blossom brainstorming technique and working with your peers, this active networking session will help you solve your marketing problems and create marketing opportunities. In addition to all those new ideas, you’ll learn a free association brainstorming technique that you can apply to both your professional and personal life.

We also have a new offering this year in conjunction with Water Jel.

Water Jel Certification — Free Post-Conference Session

Cool the Burn. Not the Patient.
Become a certified Burn Educator for Water Jel Technologies.

Burns are the most painful trauma your patients will survive. Yet we spend very little time on burn education. Maybe that’s because we see very few significant burns in our careers as emergency medical providers. However, when your students are faced with the most traumatic of patients, they may not be prepared. Water Jel Technologies wants to change that. Working with leading EMS educators around the country, Water Jel Technologies has developed a comprehensive burn training program that you can use to teach your students how to better treat and manage the burn injured patient. By becoming a certified burn educator for Water Jel Technologies you can use the program in your own curriculum and get paid to train Water Jel customers in your area. The training program comes with a complete training program, burn training kit and ongoing support. You must attend this session in order to become certified to use the program.

Moulage? You bet!

Our most popular post-conference event is back this year as Lifeline Training Center returns with moulage training. Bring an unforgettable touch of realism to your training using the wizardry of makeup and gelefects moulage gels.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

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