Are you ready for OSHA’s New Guidelines?

We've developed a quick assessment and guidance document to help you prepare.

Prepared for the Safety Job? Take this Quiz.

Prepared for the Safety Job? Take this Quiz.

Most of us in the safety profession, we didn’t grow up dreaming about a day when we’d go to work with the responsibility to make sure that our colleagues had a safe working environment. Yet, here we are, by choice, by circumstance, or by accident. In my career, I’ve served as a former Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) investigator, private sector environmental safety & health (EHS) leader, and now as a Chief Safety Officer (CSO). But my first interest was in public health and education. In fact, many of the safety pros I speak with today did not come to safety with a corresponding academic background. Some were hurt on the job, some were handed the responsibility, others received on-the-job-training (OJT), while a very few made the choice to focus their studies with an eye for a safety career.

No matter your expertise level, I developed this short 10-question quiz, to help you assess your readiness for the safety role (if it’s new to you), or remind you of a few major, practical responsibilities that you need to account for at most organizations (if you’re a more seasoned pro).

Take the quiz and see where you’re at. I would like your feedback and some ideas for additional questions, so be sure to leave a comment.

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