Provider Review: 360 Training

Provider Review: 360 Training

Safety training online is a competitive industry, full of provider options. To help you make a smart purchase, HSI does the diligence on quality, cost, and ease of implementation, offering an unbiased overview of the industry’s more popular vendors.



Whether you're looking for some of the most comprehensive training programs to further your career, or a complete solution for integrating training solutions for your business, 360training offers endless possibilities for learners, educators, and business partners. At 360training, we believe we can make the biggest impact in advancing not only from an educational aspect, but catering to business training, authors, and classroom providers. With over 4 million learners in 76 countries, 360training is a global hub for on-demand career development. We offer over 6,000 regulated and non-regulated courses for your career development. As a one stop shop for all your on-demand and classroom career development learning...


Making eLearning courses, and lots of them. In the industry arms race to offer online training for any topic, has a strong position.

To get a better idea of 360training’s true product focus, here’s a ranking of course volume by industry:


360training publishes its pricing for individual courses. is unique in the sense that it regularly advertises sales prices, or markdowns for its eLearning products, whereas many online safety training providers do not market discounted product pricing.

Here a few examples:

360training offers various online training courses for free, in rotation: places and emphasis on affordability, and offers “Pay-Per-View” pricing and group discounts.

Courses: has one of the largest eLearning course catalogues in the online training industry; environmental health and safety (EHS) is its 4th largest library.

Here are examples of training categories:

Additionally, is an OSHA-authorized online training providers for multi-hour outreach programs; OSHA authorizes a limited number of providers to sell to the public. These programs, upon completion, allow participants to earn Department of Labor (DOL) cards.

Course Content:

Online training offered by for occupational safety is fairly characterized as approaching the standard of the industry.

The self-paced ‘click and train’ style offers minimal interactivity and production value; course experiences are similar to PowerPoint presentations in both functionality and content display.

Courses average 30 minutes or longer, and provide information sufficient to cover training standards, with little additional supporting context; verbatim narration is used in support of on-screen text.

This approach supports’s emphasis on affordability and access to a vast array of training topics.’s courses do perform to Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) and Subject Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) eLearning standards.

Authoring (Do-It-Yourself course construction) is available to customers via the LS360 LCMS Course Builder.


Spanish is available for many courses; little information is available on languages supported for other training topics.

Training Management Options: offer an “eLearning management suite” known as LS360. This video provides a basic explanation of features and benefits of’s learning management options: infomercial

Key Features:

Additional Features:



Custom Course Development:


Summary: is an eLearning wholesale provider of more courses than any other online training company.

OpenSesame Rating:


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