Provider Review: J.J. Keller

Provider Review: J.J. Keller

Safety training online is a competitive industry, full of provider options. To help you make a smart purchase, HSI does the diligence on quality, cost, and ease of implementation, offering an unbiased overview of the industry’s more popular vendors.

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J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. is a privately-held company that helps businesses, large and small, deal with the complex and constantly evolving regulations that affect their operations every day.

Our company ranks as one of the largest employers in Wisconsin's Fox River Valley, employing over 1,100 associates and serving over 350,000 customers, including more than 90% of the Fortune 1,000. Keller’s diverse product line includes publications, consulting, online management tools, and outsourced services.

At the core of the company’s success is a strong commitment to providing outstanding customer service and quality resources for effective compliance. As government regulations evolve and new compliance challenges arise, J. J. Keller will continue to build strategic partnerships by responding to the changing needs of our customers.


J.J. Keller’s mission is to be the first choice for customers looking for assistance in managing risk and regulatory compliance in transportation, workplace safety and human resources. They also have products for construction safety and hazardous materials. Overall, their product mix consists of eLearning, videos, print material and online tools.

J.J. Keller emphasizes industry-specific safety and compliance products for transportation, human resources, construction, workplace safety, and environmental safety and health (EHS).

As one of the oldest safety and training material providers in the industry, the scope of J.J. Keller’s product offer is substantial: log books, inspection reports, injury & illness reporting forms, environmental compliance consulting, personal protective equipment (PPE), labor law posters, electronic logs, safety signs, reference books, newsletters, security seals, placards, labels, marking, stickers, etc.

Keller is a true one-stop-shop for safety product seekers, offering the convenience of an online store (shopping cart). They have thousands of print resources and supporting safety products for DIY safety professionals and teams.

As for safety training, J.J. Keller offers a diverse product mix: online courses, pay-per-view options, DVD programs, handbooks and pocketbooks, tools for training instructors, and Keller’s new video training books, recently voted product of the year by Occupational Safety & Health Magazine.

J.J. Keller’s primary online safety training option is J.J. Keller Online Safety Training:


Indeterminate. J. J. Keller uses a system of points to determine the price of the training investment: “Taking a course typically cost 25 points, and the first 250 points are only $1 each.”

For example, Keller’s Fire Prevention & Response: What Employers Need to Know (online training course) is listed as 25 points.
Subscriptions to Keller’s complete library of over 250 computer-based, eLearning courses, are available in one and two-year increments.

J. J. Keller's Online Safety Training

Our Interactive Online training programs are purchased using Training Points so you can get as much or as little training as you need. The Training Points you purchase can be used for any course on J. J. Keller's Online Safety Training.

All our Interactive Online courses are accessed through Online Safety Training, which features:

For information on unlimited training purchasing options, please contact us 1-888-601-2018.


J.J. Keller offers hundreds of OSHA compliance and safety courses online. Here are a few notable examples of online training courses…

Course Content:

J.J. Keller’s online training courses have a consistent look and feel. It’s not uncommon to see a screen of “text only” instruction. Some screens include a single image. Two types of interactivities are provided, drag and drop and multiple choice. Each course starts with an introduction on “how to navigate this course”; this is a section averaging 16 pages that must be completed when a new course is launched. Some courses have a pretest; scores are not recorded, but feedback is provided. Course sections are not able to be bypassed until a course has been completed; each section requires completion, initially.

Course transcripts are available and can be saved as a PDF. Other resources are available, such as web links to external sites and course highlights (job aid). The courses do go into some depth of the subject matter and sufficiently address safety & OSHA topics to satisfy regulatory standards and requirements.

Courses range from 30 – 60 minutes


English; Spanish

Training Management Options:

J.J. Keller offers an online safety management tool, with accessible OSHA compliance information. This free recordkeeping tool for tracking and reporting of training activity is included with purchase of a Online Safety Training subscription, as noted above.

Features include...

Customizable Roles & Permissions: Take advantage of multiple levels of hierarchy using our Training Administration Groups feature. Join a group with other Training Coordinators in your company to make "roll-up" reporting easy to do. Or, assign Assistant Training Coordinator rights to one of your Students if you need help administering your online training.

Customizable Training Course Curriculums: Enrolling students into several courses at once just got easier. Need all your new students to take the same orientation training? Our customizable Curriculum Groups makes it easy for you to group courses together ahead of time so you don't have keep finding the same courses over and over.

Customizable Student Groups: Many of your students will require similar training curriculums. So why not group them according to location or job function? Our customizable Student Groups helps you identify those students (i.e. Forklift Operators) and then easily enroll them without having to find each student.

Training Points Purchasing: Our Training Points system makes it easy for you buy as much, or little, access to the training as you need. Use our unique Training Plan builder to determine how many enrollments you'll need and in which courses. Save your Plans to reference for budgeting purposes, or to easily re-purchase a training package. The more points you buy, the more money you'll save on each student's training. Taking a course typically cost 25 points, and the first 250 points are only $1 each. Sign in to the Online Safety Training to get a look at the full pricing schedule and try out the Training Plan tool. (Note: Unused Training Points expire one year after purchase.)

Reports: We've made reports easy to run, and easy to read, on your training activity and detailed student activity.

Custom Solutions: Any of our training programs can be licensed in part or as a whole for your specific use. Or, we can add your company-specific information and imagery to one of our existing training programs. We can even create a new program just for you – featuring your employees, location, and equipment – from scratch! Click here for more information.


Other J.J. Keller products and services...

Mobile: No.

Custom Course Development: Yes.


J.J. Keller supports environmental safety and health (EHS) professionals and the organizations they work for in numerous ways, with an immense breadth of products; online safety training is one of those products. The overall quality of its courses, relative to other providers in the eLearning industry, is somewhere between average and above average. Keller offers a standard mix of online workplace compliance courses from which to choose. As for the strength of the tracking or learning management system, features offered by Keller match the industry standard; there is not enough information to review that side of its online training solution at this time, but details are available upon request. Affordability is a strength; pricing transparency is not.

Considering the scope of value-adds offered by Keller, and its customer’s ability to work with one vendor to meet most purchasing needs in the safety realm, J.J. Keller remains one of the most popular safety training options in the crowded marketplace.

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