Teaching Tips for Mobile CPR Instructors

Teaching Tips for Mobile CPR Instructors

One of the great business aspects of being a CPR Instructor is that you aren’t necessarily bound by a specific classroom or training facility. HSI’s emergency care training programs are designed to be used on the go, allowing instructors to provide CPR, AED and First Aid training wherever their business might take them.

For example, many HSI Instructors teach on-site at their client’s location. Some bounce around their community renting local rooms as needed, while others offer private training in their student’s home.

If you’re a mobile CPR Instructor, these teaching tips are for you!

Add These Items to Your Mobile CPR Business Checklist

Mobile CPR Instructors must be flexible and adapt to their environment on the spot. But you can help things run smoother by considering these important business decisions before you’re on the move.

In all likelihood, you’re going to run into hiccups as a mobile CPR Instructor. But spending time on the business details ahead of time will save you time and energy on the back end.

Set Your Mobile CPR Classes Up for Success

Setting your CPR students up for success starts with setting yourself up first.

Show up early to get everything prepared. This gives you the opportunity to address any technology issues or classroom limitations, such as awkward spacing. It also provides a cushion of time in case there are problems accessing the room or facility.

Here are some tips to keep in mind once you’re on-site:

Are you a mobile CPR Instructor? Share any additional teaching tips in the comments for your fellow instructors!

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