Update on Fraudulent and Obscene Letter Case

Update on Fraudulent and Obscene Letter Case

HSI has recently been in contact with an assistant district attorney in New York concerning the unsolicited, obscene letter falsely identified as sent by the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI). This letter contains false information and grossly offensive language and has been received by a number of our ASHI customers and training centers.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, see our blog from January 9, 2014.

We have been informed that there are currently thousands of similar letters in circulation and the sender(s) is targeting members of the healthcare field. This has been an ongoing situation for several years now.

According to the assistant district attorney in New York, “As the letter recipients are not contacted again after receiving the letter, and the letter contains no traceable, personal information concerning the recipient, the case is a particularly difficult one to prosecute.”

As we suggested in our previous blog, we strongly urge you NOT to open this piece of mail and to refuse to accept it (see the blog for a description of the envelope itself). To do so per USPS Mailing Standards, simply mark the envelope “Refused” and return it to your local post office within a reasonable time frame.

Should you inadvertently open the letter, we ask that you report the receipt of this unsolicited, obscene material as a mail-related crime. Bring the offensive material to your local post office and/or file an online mail fraud complaint with the Postal Inspection Service at


We will keep you informed if and when we learn more of this ongoing investigation.

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