Updated TCAM Now Available

Updated TCAM Now Available

Based on quality assurance lessons learned in the last 6 months, several Training Center Standards (TCS) have been clarified or added to our Training Center Administrative Manual (TCAM). You’ll find these standards highlighted in the latest version of the TCAM, with a summary of the changes on page one.

Additionally, section headers have been revised or added and the TCS have been renumbered for ease of reference. Several existing TCS have been incorporated into others or eliminated as redundant. These revisions are not highlighted as they did not materially change from the last published version.

Lastly, by request, we’ve added and highlighted a new topic (Student-to-Instructor Ratio in Large Groups) in the Guidelines section.

Please take a moment to download the latest version of the TCAM and review the highlighted clarifications and additions.

Download the TCAM
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