Wondering where to start with your GHS transition plan?

Wondering where to start with your GHS transition plan?

Physical on-site chemical inventory audits are the first, important step in your organization’s transition to GHS.

As a primary requirement of the GHS initiative, employers are required to replace all MSDSs with updated, standardized SDS documents by June 1, 2015. For successfully meeting this target date and achieving GHS compliance, SafeTec has developed a planned, systematic process that will guide your organization through what we believe is the most seamless and cost-effective MSDS-to-SDS transition possible.

As a crucial first step in our phased approach, we strongly recommend that companies utilize SafeTec’s on-site chemical inventory audit services – a solution that will best prepare your MSDS records for conversion by archiving obsolete documents and establishing an accurate MSDS collection. Indeed, an MSDS database that is streamlined and highly-correlated to your actual chemical portfolio will enable the most efficient transfer to an SDS structure.

Under OSHA regulations, obsolete MSDSs can be archived without having to be converted to the new SDS format. As such, employers have the opportunity to avoid allocating unnecessary time and expenses towards procuring SDS documents and labels for products they no longer use.

Additionally, concurrent with our inventory service, SafeTec will perform legacy indexing for GHS data on your existing collection, effectively capturing any GHS documents that you may already have.

Utilizing an on-site inventory is the most effective way for providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your chemicals, paving the way for a successful GHS transition.

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