AC Drives Overview

Learning objectives

  • Describe a typical AC drive and explain its operation
  • Discuss the fundamental concept of reducing motor speed
  • Identify the two main parts of an AC drive
  • Discuss the fundamental operations of a Variable Frequency Drive
  • Describe the functions of each of the following components:
    • Rectifier assembly
    • Inverter
    • Controls

Course overview

Electric motors play a vital role within industrial applications. However, they are useless as standalone equipment because electric motors rely on drive devices to control energy flow through the circuits. In AC motors, AC drives allow operators to control direction, speed, and torque by flipping a switch or turning a lever.

The AC Drives Overview training course explains the basic designs, purposes, and applications for AC variable frequency drive (VRD) devices. This online course discusses:

  • Driver introduction
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Drive divisions
  • Power converter
  • Control
  • Switching and stopping
  • Cooling and heating prevention

This course is part of the AC Drives training series.

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