AC Induction Motor Maintenance

Learning objectives

  • List the common causes of motor failure
  • Identify some items to check when visually inspecting an electric motor
  • List conditions to watch for when maintaining electric motors
  • Discuss the value of checking and monitoring motor operating temperatures
  • Describe the difference between sleeve bearings and rolling element bearings
  • Describe how lubrication differs between sealed bearings and open face bearings
  • List some common causes of vibration
  • Discuss the value of monitoring voltage

Course overview

AC induction motors efficiently convert electrical energy to the mechanical energy used for material transfer, air flow, water flow, and many other essential plant functions. Diligent maintenance is the key to keeping these motors operating efficiently and reliably.

The AC Induction Motor Maintenance training course describes general electric motor maintenance and inspection activities. This course includes:

  • Bearings and lubrication
  • Vibration
  • Voltage irregularities

AC Induction Motor Maintenance is part of the Industrial Motors series.

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