DC Motors and Generators

Learning objectives

  • Outline the process of DC voltage generation
  • Describe the windings and connections associated with a DC generator
  • Describe the windings and connections associated with a DC motor
  • Explain how various types of DC generators operate
  • Discuss DC motor theory
  • Identify and describe various types of DC motors

Course overview

DC generators are energy converters. They change mechanical energy into the DC electrical energy that provides power to DC motors. DC motors, in turn, are electrical converters, converting that electrical energy to mechanical energy. To perform basic maintenance on these components, technicians must understand DC theory, basic DC generator and motor types, and the connections between them.

The DC Motors and Generators training course explains how they covert energy from one form to another. It also describes basic DC generating and motor winding configurations and how to use each type. This online course includes:

  • Generating DC voltage
  • DC generator types
  • DC motor basics
  • DC motor types
  • Speed and direction

DC Motors and Generators is part of the Industrial Motors training series.

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