Grounding and Bonding

Learning objectives

  • Identify the purpose of grounding electrical systems and equipment
  • Define the following terms as they relate to grounding:
    • Ground
    • Grounded conductor
    • System
    • Equipment
    • Ground fault
  • Distinguish between the three common types of grounding systems
  • Discuss the concepts of system grounding and equipment grounding
  • Describe how to apply the proper grounding methods for various applications

Course overview

Grounding is an important part of any electrical system. To install and maintain a safe and dependable electrical system, it's important to understand various types of grounding systems and the concepts that impact their effectiveness.

The Grounding and Bonding training course describes how grounding systems are used to ground electrical systems and equipment. This online course focuses on:

  • Purpose of grounding
  • Grounding terminology
  • Grounding system types
  • Grounding methods

Grounding and Bonding is part of the Electrical Protection and Grounding training series.

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