Transformer Connections

Learning objectives

  • Explain how a dual-voltage, single-phase transformer is wound and connected
  • Identify the primary and secondary transformer lead marking
  • Describe the relationship between each phase of three-phase voltage
  • Discuss three-phase, delta-connected line and:
    • Phase voltage
    • Phase current

Course overview

Making proper transformer connections is important for safe and reliable electrical transmission and distribution systems. Transformers step up generation voltage for transmission and step down voltage for distribution. Almost all the electricity used today is transformed through a transformer.

The Transformer Connections training course identifies and explains how to make the most common connections for single-phase and three-phase transformers. It demonstrates how to calculate the value of phase voltage and current and line voltage and current. This online training course includes:

  • Single-phase transformer connections
  • Three-phase circuits
  • Three-phase delta connections
  • Three-phase wye connections
  • Combination connections

Transformer Connections is part of the Transformers training series.

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