Transformer Design and Components

Learning objectives

  • Describe the basics of core construction
  • Describe the design of a core-type transformer
  • Describe the design of a shell-type transformer
  • Describe a toroidal core transformer
  • Describe the cause of coil movement

Course overview

A transformer's design determines its efficiency. Transformer cooling determines its load capabilities. Understanding transformer design, cooling, and other components is necessary to understand how transformers are used in the transmission and distribution of electricity.

The Transformer Design and Component training course visually identifies a transformer's core construction. It also describes transformer cooling types and external devices. This online training course explains:

  • Core construction
  • Winding stress
  • Transformer cooling
  • Transformer devices
  • Tap changers
  • Transformer nameplates
  • Power ratings
  • Sound levels

This course is part of the Transformers training series.

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