Troubleshooting AC Induction Motors

Learning objectives

  • Describe five primary steps to take when troubleshooting motors
  • Identify the information found on the motor nameplate
  • Describe conditions that can cause a motor to trip or fail to start
  • Describe the steps for testing motor insulation and the continuity of winding coils

Course overview

AC induction motors are found throughout industrial facilities. Installing, maintaining, and repairing this essential equipment is an important task.

The Troubleshooting AC Induction Motors training course enhances motor troubleshooting skills. It also helps maintenance personnel responsible for AC motors understand the problems they could encounter. This course discusses effective troubleshooting procedures for AC and induction motors. it also discusses various problems related to installation, maintenance, and repair. This course focuses on:

  • Troubleshooting steps
  • Motor nameplate data
  • Temperature effects on motor operation
  • Common troubleshooting scenarios
  • Testing for insulation failure
  • Testing motor winding coils

Troubleshooting AC Induction Motors is part of the Industrial Motors series.

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