Introduction to Troubleshooting

Learning objectives

  • List available resources to help troubleshoot a problem
  • Describe the best way to read a gauge
  • Define:
    • Linearity
    • Hysteresis
    • Repeatability
    • Accuracy versus precision
    • Parallax

Course overview

Troubleshooting is a group of procedures employing systematic testing to identify and fix a problem. The Introduction to Troubleshooting training course introduces the basics of how to troubleshoot problems related to common temperature, pressure, level, and flow instrumentation in the field. Understanding how each of these instruments work is an important part of producing an accurate diagnosis and successful solution.

This online course discusses:

  • Troubleshooting resources
  • Troubleshooting common instrumentation
  • Troubleshooting a control loop

This course is part of the Calibrating and Troubleshooting training series.

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