Learning objectives

  • Define manometer and describe how it differs from other pressure measuring devices
  • Describe the purpose of a manometer and list its common uses
  • Explain the terms parallax and meniscus in relation to using a manometer to obtain a pressure reading
  • Describe the construction and operation of common types of manometers, including the U-tube, well, and inclined tube manometer
  • Explain the factors which can affect the accuracy of a manometer

Course overview

The manometer is the simplest device for measuring pressure. While many types of manometers are available, they are all highly accurate and easy to use. They measure gauge pressure in a system. They also measure differential pressure between two points.

The Manometers training course explains how the most common manometer types are used to measure pressure. This online course includes:

  • Manometer description
  • Manometer types
  • Factors affecting accuracy

Monometers is part of the Test Equipment training series.

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