Power Suplies

Learning objectives

  • Explain the function of the sections of a DC power supply Describe a block diagram of a DC power supply
  • Explain the difference between line regulation and load regulation
  • Recognize the difference between linear and switching power supplies
  • Discuss how to setup and use a power supply
  • Explain the process for troubleshooting power supplies

Course overview

A DC power supply has advantages over a battery as a source of DC. A power supply can quickly provide an accurate voltage than can be changed or varied over a wide range. Unlike a battery, a power supply never runs down. Since AC electricity is widely available, most equipment will convert AC to DC within a power supply. This equipment needs a reliable voltage source for accurate testing when troubleshooting.

The Power Supplies training course identifies the main sections of a DC power supply. It describes the types of regulation and regulators. It also examines how a linear regulator works and how to troubleshoot power supply problems. This online course includes:

  • DC power supply sections
  • Line versus load regulation
  • Linear versus switching regulation
  • Using a power supply
  • Troubleshooting power supplies

Power Supplies is part of the Test Equipment series.

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