Signal Generators

Learning objectives

  • Describe how signal generators work
  • Identify types of electrical waveforms
  • Describe waveform parameters
  • Discuss operation of basic signal generator controls
  • Demonstrate how to use a signal generator to generate simple waveforms

Course overview

A signal generator can produce various voltage patterns at a variety of frequencies and amplitudes. It is used to test circuit response to common input signals. The electrical leads from the device are attached to the ground and the signal input terminals when tested. Technicians and engineers must understand the different signal generator types and capabilities.

The Signal Generators training course explains a signal generator's basic controls and operations. It describes how to use the device to generate basic waveforms for troubleshooting. This online training course covers:

  • How signal generators work
  • Waveform types
  • Waveform parameters
  • Using a signal generator

Signal Generators is part of the Test Equipment series.

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