Bearing Installation and Removal

Learning objectives

  • Describe tools used to install a rolling contact bearing
  • Explain methods of installing a shrink fit bearing
  • Explain methods of checking an installed rolling contact bearing for proper operation
  • Describe sounds an improperly installed rolling contact bearing can make and explain the cause
  • Describe alignment of a sliding surface bearing
  • Describe tools used in the removal of sliding surface and rolling contact bearings
  • Explain the removal process for rolling contact and sliding surface bearings

Course overview

When bearings fail, they must be removed and replaced with new ones. Applying the correct techniques to install and remove rolling contact and sliding surface bearings prevents damage to the bearings, shafts, and housings. Using the correct techniques extends bearing life and reduces expensive downtime.

The Bearing Installation and Removal online training course explains basic techniques to install and replace rolling contact and sliding surface bearings. This online course is part of the Bearing Maintenance training series.

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