Bearing Seals

Learning objectives

  • Explain the function of bearing seals and describe their main components
  • Identify the two types of bearing seals
  • Describe the types of materials used in the manufacture of oil seal lips
  • Discuss the selection of oil seals based on speed of the application
  • Name some oil seals that are classified by their use
  • Name some oil seals that are classified by service conditions
  • Explain labyrinth seal construction
  • Describe labyrinth seal classifications
  • List the advantages of a labyrinth seal

Course overview

Bearings need seals to keep them operating properly over an extended period of time. Seals keep out contaminants while keeping lubricating fluid in.

The Bearing Seals training course identifies basic bearing seal components and materials used to produce them. It examines seal designs and discusses the preferred application for each. This online course covers:

  • Bearing seal functions
  • Bearing oil seals
  • Bearing oil seal classifications
  • Bearing labyrinth seals

This course is part of the Bearing Maintenance training series.

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