Butterfly Valves

Learning objectives

  • Describe the operation of a butterfly valve
  • Compare the butterfly valve to other valve types, and list its advantages
  • Describe the seat and body construction of a typical butterfly valve
  • Explain the types of disk and stem assemblies available on a butterfly valve

Course overview

Many industrial facility applications use butterfly valves. They range in size from 2 to 72 inches. They can handle fluid pressure up to 2500 psi and temperatures over 1000 degrees F. A butterfly valve can be used as a stop valve. However, it is primarily used in high flow and low pressure situations.

The Butterfly Valves training course explains the use, selection, and design of typical butterfly valves found in industrial applications. This course covers:

  • Butterfly valve operation
  • Butterfly valve seat and body construction
  • Butterfly valve disk and stem assemblies

Butterfly Valves is part of the Valve Selection and Maintenance training series.

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