Compressed Air System Components

Learning objectives

  • Describe the purpose and design of an intercooler on a multi-stage air compressor
  • Describe the purpose and design of an aftercooler
  • Identify the three basic components of air purifiers
  • Compare the action of a refrigerant dryer unit to a desiccant dryer unit
  • Explain how ultrasonic analyzers and vibration analyzers can be used to diagnose problems in compressed air systems

Course overview

Compressed air systems supply the air needed to operate plant equipment. Understanding compressed air system components is necessary to effectively operate and maintain plant equipment. The air compressor is one component in a compressed air system. Most systems have several compressors and many auxiliary components.

The Compressed Air System Components training course focuses on the design and operation of the auxiliary equipment. It describes the basic components of a compressed air system. It also explains basic troubleshooting techniques used to detect problems in the system. This online training course reviews:

  • Intercoolers and aftercoolers
  • Air purification
  • Lubrication and maintenance

This course is part of the Plant Compressed Air Systems training series.

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