Conveyor Belt System Inspection and Operation

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the purpose of a safety cord on a conveyor belt system
  • Explain the function of a lateral motion switch, when used in conjunction with a conveyor belt
  • Describe the difference between overspeed protection and holdback protection, as it relates to conveyor belt operation
  • List three checks you should make when inspecting a running conveyor belt
  • Discuss the purpose of a belt wiper

Course overview

Conveyor belts are often the lifeblood of industrial and manufacturing plant operations. Conveyor belt inspections and protective equipment help ensure the conveyor system life and plant personnel safety. Understanding conveyor belt system inspections and protective equipment is necessary for anyone working with conveyor systems.

The Conveyor Belt System Inspection and Operation training course describes the equipment used to protect plant personnel and conveying system equipment. It lists the inspections that should be conducted on the systems and equipment. This online course discusses:

  • Conveyor belt safety devices
  • Conveyor belt inspections
  • Conveyor belt maintenance

Conveyor Belt System Inspection and Operation is part of the Belt Drive Maintenance series.

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