Conveyor System Designs

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the purpose of a drive pulley
  • Recall the primary components collectively comprising a typical industrial conveyor drive
  • Identify two functions of a snub idler
  • Describe the purpose of the adjustment screws on a belt conveyor
  • Explain the purpose of the feeders in an industrial conveying system

Course overview

Conveyor systems vary from small, simple conveyors to massive, industrial conveying systems. To operating and maintain these systems, technicians need a working knowledge of the basic components used in a typical conveyor. They also need to understand the equipment making up an industrial conveyor system.

The Introduction to Conveyor Systems training course describes the components of a typical belt conveyor used in an industrial setting. It identifies equipment found in large-scale, industrial conveying systems. It also describes the purpose of each piece of equipment. This online training course highlights:

  • Basic conveyor principles
  • Industrial belt conveyor components
  • Industrial conveying systems

Introduction to Conveyor Systems is part of the Best Drive Maintenance series.

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