Globe Valves

Learning objectives

  • Explain the operation of a globe valve
  • Describe the three primary body designs
  • Describe the three basic disk designs used in globe valves
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these designs
  • Explain how the disk and stems are attached in globe valves
  • Describe seating arrangements and direction of flow through globe valves

Course overview

Most control valves found in industrial facilities are globe valves. They are primarily used for controlling, or throttling, flows in pump systems. The seating surfaces, body designs, and disk arrangements in globe valves differ according to the design and intended application.

The Globe Valves course describes the use, selection, and design of globe valves. This online training course focuses on globe valve:

  • Operation
  • Body designs
  • Disks
  • Seats and direction of flow

Globe Valves is part of the Valve Selection and Maintenance training series.

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