Hydraulic Fluids

Learning objectives

  • Define hydraulic fluids
  • Identify the three basic categories of hydraulic fluids
  • Identify the most important factor to consider when selecting a hydraulic fluid for a specific hydraulic circuit
  • Discuss the difference between mono-grades and multi-grades
  • Describe the three major causes of hydraulic fluid contamination

Course overview

Hydraulic fluids are non-compressible fluids that help energy move through a hydraulic circuit to perform work through motion. Knowing the different types and characteristics of available hydraulic fluid is necessary to select the appropriate fluid for a specific hydraulic circuit.

The Hydraulic Fluids training course identifies the three basic types of hydraulic fluids. It also explains what to consider when selecting the hydraulic fluid for a specific hydraulic circuit. This online course also covers hydraulic fluid contamination.

This course is part of the Hydraulics training series.

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