Plant Vibration Program

Learning objectives

  • Describe the components of a typical vibration database
  • Explain why some equipment has permanently installed vibration equipment and describe how that equipment works
  • Describe how periodic vibration data collection with portable equipment fits into a plant’s vibration program
  • Identify the difference between vibration warnings and alarms, and discuss appropriate responses
  • Identify groups typically involved in a plant vibration program and describe their roles

Course overview

All operating machines vibrate. Due to many factors, vibration gets worse with time. Unless it is controlled, vibration causes bearings, and the machines they are part of, to fail. A well-planned vibration program is a vital element of a plant's operational readiness. A plant's vibration program can minimize downtime and repair costs while making the plant safer and more reliable.

The Plant Vibration Program training course explains the roles of vibration program components. It describes a typical plant program and discusses how it contributes to operational readiness. This online training course includes:

  • Vibration data collection equipment
  • Computer-related tools
  • Workgroup roles and responsibilities

This course is part of the Vibration training series.

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