Positive Displacement Compressors

Learning objectives

  • Describe a positive displacement air compressor
  • Identify the basic design characteristics
  • Recall the operation of a reciprocating air compressor
  • Explain the operation of the following types of rotary air compressors:
    • Screw type
    • Lobe type
    • Vane type

Course overview

Air compressors are essential to industrial facilities. They provide compressed air to operating instrument/control air systems, pneumatic power tools, and equipment. Knowledge of their design and operations is needed to effectively operate and maintain plant air systems. The two most common types of air compressors in industrial facilities are positive displacement and centrifugal/dynamic air compressors.

The Positive Displacement Compressors training course explains the basic design and operation of positive air displacement compressors. It includes both reciprocating and rotary air compressors. This course is part of the Plant Compressed Air Systems training series.

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