Caring for the Family Experiencing Perinatal Death

Learning objectives

  • Identify definitions and statistics associated with early pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and newborn death.
  • Define the unique aspects of early pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and newborn death.
  • Identify common misconceptions of perinatal loss.
  • Establish a Standard of Care for perinatal loss.
  • Describe what bereaved parents find helpful in coping with perinatal loss.

Course overview

Nurses, social Workers, clergy and other healthcare professionals taking online bereavement training to help them better meet the needs of families suffering loss throughout the continuum of life, receive continuing education credit (CEUs) with an 80% passing grade, and upon completion of the course evaluation.

Nurse Contact Hours: 1.1
Social Worker Contact Hours: 1.0
Chaplain Contact Hours: 1.2

  • 40 minutes
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • What is Perinatal Loss?
  • Unique Aspects of Perinatal Loss
  • Misconceptions of Perinatal Loss
  • Standard of Care
  • Helping Bereaved Parents
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