Learning objectives

  • Explain the initial responder’s responsibilities, and identify the legal and ethical issues related to acting as an initial responder.
  • Describe how to initially assess and respond appropriately to a medical emergency situation.
  • Explain the procedures to follow when responding to a conscious or unconscious victim.
  • Explain when it is and is not appropriate to move an injured or ill person and how to appropriately position them while waiting for EMS to arrive.
  • Recognize the symptoms of shock and explain how to respond to persons suffering from shock.

Course overview

After completing this lesson, learners will be able to explain the initial responder’s responsibilities, identify the legal and ethical issues related to acting as an initial responder, and explain when it is appropriate to move injured patients and how it should be done.

  • Training Type: Interactive
  • 26 Minutes
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Responsibilities
  • Assess and Respond
  • While Waiting for EMS
  • Summary
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