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HACCP and the Regulatory Agencies

Learning objectives

  • Identify the current regulatory environment for HACCP.
  • Identify the major regulatory requirements for USDA/FSIS and FDA HACCP.
  • 20 minutes
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Federal Food Inspection Overview
  • USDA/FSIS and FDA HACCP Regulations
  • GMA HACCP Manual
  • Rules of HACCP – A Compilation of HACCP-Related-Regulations in the United States
  • 21 CFR 110 (FDA) Current good manufacturing practice in manufacturing, packing, or holding human food
  • 21 CFR 123 (FDA) Fish and fishery products
  • 21 CFR 120 (FDA) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems [Juice Products]
  • 9 CFR 416 (USDA/FSIS) Sanitation [Meat and Poultry Products]
  • 9 CFR 417 (USDA/FSIS) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems [Meat and Poultry Products]
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