Health and Safety Aspects of Assigned Tasks

Learning objectives

  1. Describe their assigned task and how it relates to the overall operation of the mine.
  2. Recognize the safety hazards associated with their assigned task and precautions used to prevent them.
  3. Identify appropriate PPE, how it is used/maintained, where it is stored, and how to exchange it should the need arise.
  4. Demonstrate their understanding of the material covered by answering instructor questions and safely, effectively and consistently performing their assigned task.

Course overview

A site-specific training lesson, designated by a competent employee from the mine site, designed to introduce the new miner to the specific tasks they will be performing, including operation of equipment, specific safety hazards and precautions. In order to complete the course, the new miner will be expected to demonstrate competency in the safe and effective performance of their assigned task.

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