Introduction to Work Environment

Learning objectives

  • Identify the type of mining done on the job site.
  • Explain the layout of the site.
  • Explain the basic flow of operation on the site.
  • Identify equipment used on the site.
  • Recognize the hazards associated with the equipment used on the site.
  • Identify site-specific safety hazards, including electrical and water hazards, geologic formations and traffic patterns.
  • Recognize safety-related postings and their purposes.
  • Recognize areas of the site that require PPE.
  • Identify the types of PPE required in specific areas.
  • Recognize site-specific emergency equipment and how it is used, including emergency cell phone.
  • Identify critical personnel on site, including those in the Line of Authority and First Aid/CPR responders.

Course overview

A site-specific training lesson, designated by a competent employee from the mine site, designed to lay the foundation for safe and successful job performance by introducing new miners to the site at which they will be working and providing information regarding they type of mining done at the site, the site layout and basic flow of operation, equipment used, and safety hazards and procedures.

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