Objectively Evaluate Proposals

Learning objectives

Use objective criteria to evaluate proposed agreements

Course overview

The goal of any negotiation event is to identify an agreeable solution for both parties. If the solution were simple or straightforward, most likely negotiation wouldn't be needed. So it can be safe to assume that if you're negotiating, you're most likely dealing with disagreements and conflicting viewpoints with others. A proven method to help reach a good solution for both parties is to identify and agree upon criteria or a set of standards to evaluate all potential agreements. These agreed-upon criteria are used to objectively determine if the solution is reasonable, appropriate, and good for everyone involved. It helps avoid the situation where personal emotions and opinions impact the evaluation of the solution. Objective criteria provide the rationale and unbiased opinions individuals need to reach a successful resolution. By completing this course, you will know how to use objective criteria to evaluate proposed agreements.

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