Corridor Finds Off-the-Shelf Training Partner with HSI

Corridor Finds Off-the-Shelf Training Partner with HSI

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The Challenge

Since 1989, The Corridor Group has been a trusted partner as home health, homecare, and hospice service providers. Peggy Patton, the Vice President of Education Services, was in search of a training solution that provided convenience for her on-the-road clients and that would free up some of her time, allowing her to focus on other job responsibilities. HSI helped to provide a video training solution that provided useful topics in a time range that was ideal for clients and allowed Peggy to better use her time.

Off-the-Shelf Content Offering Has Breadth and Depth, Fills Training Gaps

The Corridor Group's initial goal, both internally and externally, when looking for training content was to provide training that went beyond industry-specific service training. Their original initiative was for leadership content, but as Peggy explored HSI's course catalog, "what we found was a lot more than just leadership topics," she explained.

Although HSI's training content is not health care or hospice-specific, topics such as Safety, Health & Wellness, and Compliance were relevant to Peggy's training goals and enhanced the training assortment that Corridor was already offering. Rather than create all the content for those topics in-house, HSI's SCORM-compliant, off-the-shelf video content provided a solution that filled in the gaps of Corridor's non-industry specific training. The regularly updated courses also meant that Peggy never had to worry about a training video being out-of-date, and HSI regularly provided new videos and topics to incorporate into their training.

HSI's Business Skills library provided Corridor with the perfect opportunity for learners to engage in self-directed learning, improve any number of skills, and become a more valuable asset to their company. "With HSI video training content, there is potential to expand knowledge with other content, and that, in turn, drives the ability for internal promotion," Peggy explained. "You can go down a rabbit hole of training if you want!"

A Time Saver for Both Admins and Users

With many employees spending time in a car with little to no access to a desktop computer, the timing of Corridor's training was a major obstacle. HSI's short, mobile-ready, microlearning video format made it easy for on-the-road employees to fit training into their busy schedules. "If they have 15 to 20 minutes between patients, it's a perfect time to do some training," said Peggy. The shorter video formats were ideal for fitting into the trainees' hectic work schedules and kept them from having to come into an office to complete a training event.

By utilizing off-the-shelf content in conjunction with her industry-specific training, Peggy didn't have to "recreate the wheel" when it came to her training curriculum. This ultimately saved Peggy time and energy on training topics that a partner content provider could handle.

Building a Partnership

One of Peggy's reasons for choosing HSI as a learning partner was because of the true partnership that comes as a result of being an HSI client. The HSI Learning Consultants provided Peggy with timely and helpful responses to her questions and spent time getting to know what her learning goals were. "Relationships and partnerships don't just happen, you have to put in time and effort, and the time and effort have gone in on both sides," Peggy said. HSI's Learning Consultants provided more than technical support to Corridor but helped them find solutions for their learning goals and optimize HSI's content library.

The Result

HSI proved to be a valuable learning partner to The Corridor Group. Our off-the-shelf content solutions helped free up Peggy's time and provide her learners with just the right amount of content. HSI's microlearning video format helped provide a timely and relevant training solution for Peggy's on-the-road team.

Summary of Success

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