How To Get Senior Leadership “Buy In” For Online Safety Training

How To Get Senior Leadership “Buy In” For Online Safety Training

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With this paper, we’re going to cover facts about the value of delivering your critical safety training online, so you can help clearly explain what it can do for your organization to people that are not safety and training professionals.

Safety doesn’t have a seat in the boardroom. In some operations, safety does not even have a budget. And cultivating a safety culture isn’t normally the highest priority for executive decision makers who can write the checks to fund common sense safety solutions.

The fundamental challenge of the safety professional is to create a vibrant, united culture of safety for the high-risk workforce.

From the constraints of a small budget to widespread disinterest, we understand how difficult it can be for the safety professional to establish a safer environment for the workers. As safety pros, we are people who care about other people and know that behind each investment in safety training is a person who has an important job to do—protecting those who work in naturally dangerous environments.

In the end, whichever training option you choose, whatever makes it easier to send your workers home at the end of each day is the best option—safety equals prosperity.

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