Active Shooter Training

TAC+PAC JR - $59.99


  • Quality weather-proof bag
  • Pressure and Packing Dressings
  • NAR Generation 7 CAT Tourniquet
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • CPR Barrier Mask
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Tac Pac Jr DSC2450

Our TAC+PAC Jr. kit is specifically assembled for simplicity in the event of an emergency and has everything you need to control bleeding. It’s the perfect size to clip on your belt or attach to your backpack.

The TAC PAC Jr. emergency kit is made with the same attention to quality as the standard TAC PAC. It might have ‘Jr.’ in the title, but this kit it is FAR from it! The compact TAC PAC Jr. bundle contains all the necessary essentials for virtually any bleeding emergency. The kit features a military-grade tourniquet and is the most versatile of the TAC PAC group since it can be stored just about anywhere. In an active shooter or emergency stop the bleed situation, the TAC PAC Jr. is important to have close at hand. The TAC PAC Jr. will be ready to help you in many urgent scenarios. With the Tac Pac Jr., you will be able to handle just about any bleeding emergency that you encounter.

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