4 CPR Feedback Devices That Improve Student Performance

4 CPR Feedback Devices That Improve Student Performance

CPR feedback devices can provide valuable audio and visual feedback for the rate and depth of compressions while training to improve student performance. But are you required to use instrumented directive feedback devices or manikins for CPR courses?

CPR feedback devices transmit evaluative or corrective information on compression rate, depth, recoil and hand position during CPR training. At this time, CPR feedback devices or manikins are optional for authorized HSI Instructors. However, if the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) or Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update (ECCU) move to make feedback devices or manikins a requirement, HSI will make necessary changes.

Although CPR feedback devices or manikins are optional, HSI strongly recommends them as they can increase student learning and overall retention. Here are some CPR feedback device products that can improve student performance.

1. ResQR

ResQR is a revolutionary tool that helps ensure proper CPR is administered when needed. It comes in two versions, red model designed for use by lay responders and professional rescuers in the field and a blue ResQR Training Model which is available to use with standard CPR curriculum training.

Each ResQR version aids in the administration or training of proper cardiac compressions by providing:

ResQR provides a simple and effective solution that helps to reduce the risk of injury to both patient and rescuer.

2. Practi-CRdM CPR Wrist Monitor

The Practi-CRdM CPR Wrist Monitor measures compression rate and depth while being worn on the student’s wrist while performing compressions. The wrist monitor will beep when compression depth is outside the optimal range. In addition, the Practi-CRdM’s diode will stay green when compression rate is between 100 and 120 compressions per minute (cpm). It turns red when compressions fall below 100 cpm or exceed 120 cpm.

It can be used with any training manikin and fits any size wrist, making it an affordable alternative to upgrading your existing manikins.

3. Prestan Monitored Manikins

Prestan monitored manikins provide instant feedback about the rate of chest compressions, allowing students to self-correct based on light indicators. They also have a compression clicker mechanism to help students reach the correct compression depth.

Designed to simulate real-life CPR scenarios, Prestan manikins include its line of Prestan Professional Manikins and its Ultralite Manikins, which provide a portable and lightweight option for Instructors. For advanced feedback, the Prestan Series 2000 manikins connect to any mobile device, displaying students’ compression rate, depth, recoil, ventilation, and hands-off time.

4. Brayden Manikins

The Brayden CPR manikin allows students to see the real point of CPR – getting the blood flowing to the brain and other vital organs. It has three sets of indicating lights that represent blood flow and provide instant feedback related to the depth, rate and quality of compressions.

With the Brayden manikin, students can see the immediate effect their compression depth, speed and recoil have on the manikin as animated red LED lights respond to the quality of their technique.

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