SCORM/AICC Compliant Training Courses

SCORM/AICC Compliant Training Courses

Looking for AICC or SCORM compliant training content for your employees? HSI offers you a wide variety of SCORM compliant training topics and off-the-shelf content.

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SCORM AICC Training Courses HSI

Award-Winning SCORM/AICC Courses

So you have a learning management system and you are simply looking for AICC or SCORM compliant training courses that meet industry standards for integration. You have found the right place. All of our off-the-shelf training videos and any custom content we create for you are AICC and SCORM compliant.

You can sample our SCORM compliant learning content in a free trial. This also gives you access to our award-winning HSI LMS so you can compare features and ease of use with your current LMS.

Our LMS is mobile-ready so our eLearning content is accessible 24/7 just in time on any device. It includes an award-winning video creation tool so you can personalize our SCORM content with a custom introduction or close, or create an entirely new training video with your own branded messages and learning content. Through our LMS your learners will receive a series of brief quizzes after they watch a video to help support training reinforcement. This ensures your employees learn the skills they need to help your company grow.

Request a free trial and you can sample our SCORM compliant training courses and all of the features included in our HSI LMS! Test out the video creation tool and create your own training video. Watch our courses and see how you do on the quizzes and the reminder exams that are emailed in the following days. We do not require a credit card, nor do we require you to speak to a sales representative.

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All AICC and SCORM compliant training courses are not created equal!

Yes, they will integrate with your learning system but will they achieve your learning objectives? Will they engage your learners? Will your employees learn the skills that are important to you? Is the content fresh and relevant? Just a few questions you should ask in addition to whether the videos are AICC and SCORM compliant.

Let’s start with achieving our learning objectives. Lots of people create videos but not everyone leverages strategic instructional design as the foundation like HSI. Instructional Design is defined as “a systematic process that is employed to develop education and training programs in a consistent and reliable fashion” (Reiser, Dempsey, 2007). This affects the length of the program, factoring in various learning styles, and drives the style and timing of the script and accompanying graphics.

Will your learners be engaged or bored out of their minds for an hour and a half? We have found that breaking up complex topics into a series of short-form videos is very effective. Our videos average 7:12. Digestible, meaningful content your learners can easily fit into their busy day. In addition to the short-form and instructional design, our graphics, music, and sound effects create an entertaining and engaging learner experience.


Okay, So What Does All of This Mean to You?

With technology today, finding a vendor with AICC or SCORM compliant content is the easy part. Table stakes. The bare minimum. Meeting your objectives, engaging your learners with sound instructional design and providing a consistent learning experience are also differentiators. Creating off-the-shelf SCORM content is our passion. We would love to talk to you.

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