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Paperless incident reporting everyone can use

HSI incident management and reporting software empowers your team to collect consistent data, standardize operations, automatically create and send reports, identify problem areas and assign actions with easy-to-use online software.

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Timing is everything in incident investigation.

The opportunity to collect evidence and accurately determine what happened decreases over time, so any investigation should begin as soon as it is safe to get started.

The HSI Platform provides incident management and reporting software that empowers users to capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents, near-misses, injuries, illnesses, spills, property damage, vehicle incidents, or anything else of importance to your business.

It’s time to give your workers the tools to report near-miss injuries in the palm of their hand. They have smartphones, give them smart tools.

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Boost worker participation, change culture and promote leadership

Most organizations have a safety, quality, environment and supplier systems in place, whether it be paper based, digital, or somewhere in between.

HSI helps you get to the next level by promoting worker participation and leadership through a simple and robust platform everyone can use.

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Jerod L.

"An effective and user friendly platform for staff training. Reports are easy to read. Great communication, product knowledge and service from the HSI staff members."

OSHA 300 reporting

The software will log and record all incidents and illnesses that happen in the workplace; auto-filling logs that are required by OSHA.

Lower risk

Companies can organize and view data by location/business units so the root cause of injuries and illnesses can be identified to lower risk.

Save time

Utilizing the system requires less data-entry for operational roles, allowing them to focus on core responsibilities.

Forms to Capture Correct Data

A consistent process for all sites and departments with templated forms help ensure the correct data is captured during each incident.

Log near-misses

Allow employees to log near-misses so corrective actions can be taken to prevent a future incident. Be proactive in your safety diligence rather than reactive after an incident occurs.

Mobile compatible

Employees can log an incident from the job site or the scene of the incident, recording data in real-time, giving access for all.

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