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Meet the Expert: Chad Johnson

Manager of Training Advisory Services

As Manager of Training Advisory Services for HSI Industrial Skills, Chad oversees large-scale training projects for clients in the power generation industry, including developing all-inclusive, turn-key programs. He is experienced in content development and technology solutions to support the training needs in power generation and electrical distribution industries. Chad has also performed classroom training, worked as a simulator instructor, developed curriculum, and operated power plants.

Chad shared some insights into his career, current position, and past accomplishments below:

When and why did you decide to pursue a career in your field?

In the time I spent doing nuclear power for the US Navy, I enjoyed my work in training the most, particularly developing training content. When it was time to move on to a new career, I naturally looked for opportunities to create training and work with other training developers.

What do you like best about your job?

The ability to collaborate with a many people from varying backgrounds to deliver a quality product to our clients.

What project are you most proud of?

The addition of intro videos to our online lessons. I suggested the idea initially when some of us were brainstorming ways to make our content more competitive. I then shepherded the process of creating a standard for us to use, worked with our production team so they could update the lesson player and the production process to support the new content. I then created storyboards and narratives for multiple intro videos and directed the graphics team to bring the ideas to life in the form of 3D animations.

How has your job changed over the past few years?

A gradual shift away from use of technical knowledge gained from work in the industry (which is no longer current in my case) towards experience in management (projects and people) and learning technologies as they apply to the power generation industry.

Give one word that describes you best.


What motivates you?

Learning something new

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