Industrial Skills

Meet Expert: Guillermo Sabatier

Director of International Services

Guillermo is a seasoned training and compliance specialist with over 23 years of experience in system operations and personnel training for the electric utility industry. He has a successful track record of designing, implementing, and managing training programs and NERC regulatory compliance initiatives. In addition, Guillermo has extensive knowledge in developing comprehensive strategic plans utilizing strong leadership capabilities and relationship building.

Guillermo shared some insights into his career, current position, and past accomplishments.

When and why did you decide to pursue a career in your field?

The decision to get into this field evolved over time. I was already working as a meter reader when I was in my undergrad studies pursuing my BSEE. While working as a distribution service planner in my senior year of college, I was fortunate to observe the generous opportunities of this industry – both for growth and continual development.

What do you like best about your job?

I really enjoy the opportunities to apply nearly everything I’ve learned in my many years in the industry. It can vary from developing new business internationally, helping clients prepare compliance evidence, and developing and delivering training. I get a kick out of hosting livestream broadcasts, publishing articles, and participating in speaking engagements. By participating in all these various assignments, I find myself constantly learning from our amazing and talented team.

What project are you most proud of?

While there are several projects that I’m proud of, one stands out – helping develop, refine, and deliver simulation-based training. I’m certain this is a field that will continue to grow and evolve to fit the needs of the industry.

How has your job changed over the past few years?

I initially joined the team to help develop international services and manage those projects, but as the role evolved, I was given the opportunity to cross over into different business units. This has allowed me to get better acquainted with different aspects of our organization, enabling growth and a better understanding of what our teams do and how we all contribute to the big picture.

Give one word that describes you best.

The first word that comes to mind is versatile. The only reason I can say that is probably because I am curious. I’ve spent many years in this industry, acquired a bit of knowledge, and learned quite a few lessons (some of them the hard way). These things afford me the benefit of being versatile. This versatility is possible because I have a great deal of curiosity and wonder.

What motivates you?

Curiosity – the drive to see what more I can learn about our industry, the world around me, myself, and how I can strive to do better.

As Manager of Training Advisory Services for HSI Industrial Skills, Chad oversees large-scale training projects for clients in the power generation industry, including developing all-inclusive, turn-key programs. He is experienced in content development and technology solutions to support the training needs in power generation and electrical distribution industries. Chad has also performed classroom training, worked as a simulator instructor, developed curriculum, and operated power plants.

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