Not Having a Safety Training Program is Risky Business

Not Having a Safety Training Program is Risky Business

“There’s a time for playing it safe and a time for…

risky business.”

While Tom Cruise’s character in “Risky Business” may disagree, when it comes to workplace safety, there’s no room for risky business.

According to statistics, Washington State had twice as many fatalities than the national average last year. With a total of 52 work-related deaths in Washington, and hundreds of injuries, Attorney Christopher Childers correlates the increase in deaths and injuries with the increase in workers compensation. As a result of the struggling state budget, State Labor and Industries has had to cut site inspectors.

While this news is startling, there are many affordable solutions to preventing the number of work-related injuries and deaths from occurring.

First, the Department of Labor and Industries recently adopted new rules and regulations to promote a safer workplace, which will help workers become aware of the dangers they need to consider in order to perform safely in the workplace.

While rules and regulations are an excellent way to promote and bring awareness to dangers in the workplace, safety training is the best way to educate and inform employees on how to work safely in the workplace. Trained employees are taught how to make the safest decision on the job-site, and are educated on how to work safely, yet efficiently in the workplace.

Safety training doesn’t cost in the long run. It pays – by educating employees how to work safely to prevent and avoid accidents from occurring, ultimately reducing the number of employee injuries, deaths and costs in the workplace.

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