Injury & Claims Management

Efficient management of workplace injuries and claims and self insurance under a single system

Full spectrum injury claims management including capturing and tracking injury, claim, non-work related cases and self insurance all in one online management system.

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Injury & Claims Management – HSI Key Differentiators

Reducing Administration Time


Claim forms for each jurisdiction, with key information pre-populated after entering data into the platform once. This results in considerably less data-entry, lowered risk or human error, and ultimately swifter resolution of claims.

Templates to Streamline Processes


Instantly generate plan templates which are pre-populated with up-to-date information from the most recent medical certificate. Select tasks from the Suitable Duties list to incorporate into the plan to assist workers return to work.

Central Point of Control for Case-Related Information

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Send and receive email within the solution and have them centrally stored for reference. Keep track of all communications, claims documentation, medical certificates, RTW plans, weekly compensation details and more.

Understand Injuries Smarter


With text message and email functionality, track all communication between the injured worker and the system. Forward email correspondence directly into an injury record for effortless storage in one central location. The email-in feature simplifies filing correspondence into the specific injury or claim case file, ensuring organized and accessible communication.

Link Other Solutions for Actionable Insights

Permit To Work

The Permit to Work solution links seamlessly with the broader solution suite within the HSI universal ecosystem. For example, contractor and visitor management allows you to easily identify if your stakeholders have the correct permits to work.

Ensures Compliance with a Complete Audit Trail


Centrally store key documentation to keep you compliant with various risk management frameworks, such as OSHA, NERC, and more. Close the gap between data and action.

Manage every injury claim from a single-source solution

Cloud-based platform: This system supports large-scale data, user groups,
different devices, and applications wherever your workforce is located.

Limitless Configurability: Unify all data silos to drive real-time decisions.

Built-in mobility: Works securely on any mobile device or browser,
anywhere, online and offline.

Maximum adoption: Simplify the entire end-user experience driving record
employee participation levels organization-wide.

Modular framework: Build the solution you need ensuring workflows, reporting,
and automation are all working as one.

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Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2)

Injury and illness prevention program

Every day, more than 12 workers die on the job – and more than 4.1 million workers suffer a serious job-related injury or illness each year costing S198 billion dollars a year. All of these deaths are preventable with proper safety training.

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Meeting Incident Reporting Requirements

Incident Reporting

Have you submitted your annual workplace injuries and illness report to OSHA yet? If your organization falls into a category where such reporting is required, can you easily access the incident information you need to meet your compliance obligations?

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SIF: Serious Injury or Fatality Incident Determination and Reporting Guidelines

HSI White Paper SIF Serious Injury Fatality

Injury and illness prevention used to focus on overall reduction of incidents; you reduce any and all accidents, you reduce serious and fatal ones too. While that is true at a high level, it’s not the most effective and targeted way to prevent workplace fatalities or serious injuries.

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