Configure, Integrate, Elevate - Your EHS Systems, Your Way

Embrace the freedom to configure every aspect of your EHS platform. Take charge of your processes, forms, and workflows, and enhance them with our robust capabilities.

At HSI, we empower you to take full control of your EHS platform. With unmatched configurability, you can customize every aspect of the system to match your organization's unique needs and requirements. From processes and forms to workflows and integrations, the power is in your hands to elevate your EHS management to new heights.

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EHS Management Platform. Your way!

Engineered to Power Your Workplace of the Future

Simplicity for Workers

Offline Capability

Use online or offline. Easily accessible and intuitive to use, increase workforce utilization.

Efficiency for Managers

Accelerate speed to value

30+ Solutions. Limitless Customizations. A truly configurable platform to grow with your organization.

Engagement for Executives

Connect Everything, Everywhere

Real-time Reporting. Smarter Decisions. Full visibility to enable swift, informed decision-making.

Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts

"We yielded a 100% acceptance rate from employees when we deployed HSI's EHS"

Jim N

Safety Manager

Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs

Our platform offers unmatched configurability, allowing you to personalize according to your specific requirements. Seamlessly integrate with your internal systems and configure the look and feel, creating a cohesive and unified user experience.

Unmatched Configurability

Simplified Dashboard

The possibilities are endless with our platform. Customize workflows, forms, data fields, permissions, dashboards, and more to match your specific EHS processes.

Personalized Look and Feel

Learning Management System

Design a platform that reflects your brand identity and values, making it instantly recognizable and user-friendly.

Complete Ownership

Incident management

Our EHS management platform is not just another software; it's YOUR platform. Take full ownership of the system and make it uniquely yours.

Automation for Accuracy

Intuitive Workflows

By automating routine tasks, the risk of human error is significantly reduced. Avoid costly mistakes and maintain the accuracy of your data with our streamlined automation.

Efficiency and Productivity

Smart Alerts

Free up valuable time for your team by automating repetitive tasks. Focus on strategic initiatives and high-priority activities, driving productivity and maximizing operational efficiency.

Alerts and Notifications

Real-time notifications

Set up automatic alerts and notifications to keep stakeholders informed in real-time. Whether it's incident reports, compliance reminders, or inspection results, timely notifications ensure timely action.

Control and Traceability

Our EHS management solution ensures traceability of configuration changes, protecting your business and end users. Accurate records of your system's state prevent outages, data breaches, and leaks. Rest easy knowing that your EHS platform is secure and compliant.

  • Change Management: Discover comprehensive change management capabilities, ensuring every configuration change within the platform is meticulously tracked. From user permissions to workflow adjustments, every modification is recorded for your records.

  • Audit Trail: Maintain a detailed audit trail, providing a chronological record of all actions taken within the system. This enables you to trace back every change and user interaction, offering full visibility and accountability.

  • User Permissions: Ensure data privacy and security with customizable user permissions. Control who can access specific features and data, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

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Deploy What You Need

Our EHS management platform is designed to adapt and grow your business. Start small and add more functionality as your organization expands. Our flexible configuration options provide the personalization control you need to meet your evolving business processes.

  • Modular Approach: Our platform follows a modular approach, allowing you to pick and choose the specific functionalities you need at any given time. Start with the essentials, and easily add more features as your EHS program expands.

  • Scalable Solution: Whether you're a small business or an enterprise, our platform scales to accommodate your organization's growth. Add users, locations, and modules effortlessly to ensure continuous EHS support.

  • Seamless Integration: Our modular design allows for seamless integration with existing systems, maximizing the value of your current technology investments and streamlining data exchange.

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