LMS: Learning Management System

A Flexible LMS for Safety, Training, and HR Professionals

One size does not fit all when it comes to an LMS, or Learning Management System. Organizations have different goals, training needs, and requirements to integrate with other platforms.

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What is a Learning Management System?

Let’s break down the term “learning management system.”

  • Learning: An LMS must facilitate the process of learning. Employees need to acquire knowledge and skills to help them be more productive, get promoted, lead a team, reach sales goals, be safe, and much more.
  • Management: An LMS must allow for the administration of employee training. Courses need to be assigned, delivered, completed, measured, tracked and reported on.
  • System: A system is a software application that automates these processes and enables specific features, and access via mobile devices. It may also need to integrate with other safety and HR systems.

The HSI LMS does all these things and more. We can offer you basic functionality with a simple user interface and ensure your compliance with laws and regulations. We can also offer you a system that supports a broader learning environment.

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HSI LMS Features for Users

  • Simple user interface: When members log in, they can easily find required training and navigate to other tabs to find elective courses.
  • Self-registration: A way for members to create an account and self-enroll into training without the intervention of an admin.
  • Single sign-on: The ability to sign directly into the HSI LMS without credentials, through a different portal, creating a simple, easy-to-use interface for your workers.
  • Direct enrollments: Allow for easy signup for one-off courses that fall outside of your requirements.
  • Certificates and cards: Download and print certificates of completion or wallet cards, with scannable QR codes, providing quick and easy proof of course completion and regulatory compliance.
New HSI UI LMS Cert of Completion


  • Track completions: Measure training progress for each member, team, and group
  • Easy reporting: Out-of-the-box reports highlight training status and compliance at a glance
  • Build custom reports: Hundreds of ways to customize reporting for your organization
  • Automated notifications: Customizable application and email notifications keep training on track and drive engagement
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Take The Guesswork Out of Employee Training

HSI Advisor is a free tool built into the LMS that helps you assess the training needs of your employees. Instead of sifting through hundreds of courses trying to determine which employees need which training, you can take an assessment and review the personalized results.

Based on your input regarding workplace situations, employee factors, and compliance issues, HSI Advisor provides customized recommendations for training and other solutions.

HSI Advisor’s powerful recommendation engine is like having your own personal consultant.

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Additional Questions for Your LMS Vendor

When looking for the right LMS for your organization, here are some additional considerations to take into account.

  • Off-the-shelf content: HSI has hundreds of additional training topics to supplement your custom content
  • Custom content: We offer video production services and employee training expertise for your unique needs
  • Personalized support: We give you support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager (LC) with every contract
  • Integration with safety software: HSI’s LMS is integrated with our other software such as our safety management system and chemical management tool, providing a full suite of solutions
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